Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I have pcos
hello friends....
two years ago after giving birth to our third son neko, i started noticing some changes to my body and my hair started falling out (which is somewhat normal after having a child)but i even got a bald spot in the top of my head. i also noticed that no matter what i did losing weight was such a big struggle for me than ever before, and all the fat was going to my middle.making me an apple shape (ugh! rolls eyes) also my period was not coming regularly(which was nothing new to me but is a sign of pcos...) i then became very frustrated and depressed, because the two things that visually makes a woman feel confident, beautiful and sexy was the two things that i was having problems with ( i know! i know! "only the inside counts" but tell me that when your feeling fat and bald. NOT!. i decided to visit my obgyn to have blood work done to see what was going on with me. my blood work came back and my doctor told me that i have"polycystic ovary syndrome". i was then put on many pills including, biotin 5000, prenatal vitamin,birth control,water pills and more....all these things to help regulate my hormones but i feel like non of this stuff is really working for me. death sentence. No! but i feel like this is one of the most difficult things that i'm going through right now. especially due to the fact that i secretly would love to have another baby (a girl) one day soon but since pcos causes your eggs not to mature (that means i don't ovulate!) i would now have to go on even more medications that would help me to ovulate. all these things just can't be good for ones body. i would love to know if any of you girls have pcos and how has it change your life? what changes have you made to your lifestyle because of it?.
-10% of women have pcos.
-there is no cure.
-high risk of miscarriage.
-have a four to seven times greater risk of having a heart attack than normal.
-greater risk of having high blood pressure.
-run the risk of having endometrial cancer.
-can't lose weight without a struggle.
-may have to be on medication for the rest of your life.
-obesity is present in half the women who have it.
-it is the number one reason of infertility among women at the childbearing age.
-girls young as 11 can have it.

p.s tomorrow i will be back with a more upbeat post....


  1. My sister has sever PCOS and has had miscarriages and been trying to conceive for awhile. I know about all her struggles so I know this sucks for you. Hopefully you caught it early and you can start the medicine to get better and have that little girl one day :)