Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meet Neko...

Last but not lease i shall introduce Neko!. Neko is my baby, he will be two years old on December 1st (i love that he is a Sagittarius just like his daddy and i) he is the most feisty kid i ever met, but he is also the most loving. what i love most about him is that he has always been a mamas boy all the way. neko is a very happy boy who love to play, have me read to him,he also loves to eat, color and watch the movie shrek (about 10x per day if i let him). his special talent; push-ups. very talented kid!. :)
since he got all dressed up for the post i will tell you who he is wearing.

shirt: ralph lauren
sweater:vintage thrifted
pants:polo thrifted


  1. Hi Roxy! Your blog is so cute and your boys are DARLING!!

  2. oh he is just adorable and look how fashionable he is! what a cutie!

    happy thanksgiving :)