Friday, November 25, 2011




these last few days has been amazing. not only was it thanksgiving but it was also my 29th birthday. i always feel lucky to have the whole family around to celebrate my birthday with me. everyone made my day so special. my son jay made me the most beautiful card. that said "i know i get on your nerves, but i am your first born and i love you so much." "you are the preddiest girl" (i love the way he spelled "prettiest" but i need to stop telling these kids when they are getting on my nerves i guess lol). my best friend got me the most beautiful birthday cake, my husband got me and iPhone ( i love it!!).it was a great few days. but most importantly I'm just thankful that God allowed me to be here for one more year with my family and friends. i feel so blessed.

this year we wanted to go out after thanksgiving and shop the "BLACKFRIDAY" sales, so my sister in law and i went out to tanger outlet at 12am after dinner. the place was pack!, it took forever to find parking but after we did we started hitting to the stores. i have to say, i was not too impressed with the sales the only real deals they had where on shoes (hey! i didn't mind because i love shoes) we went to a few stores and after buying a few things for the kids we decided to hit up starbucks and then we went home at around 3am. it sound crazy to leave your home at 12 am but it was a experience and we had fun.

a few hours later after getting some sleep i decided to go and check out the thrift shop because
they where also have a "blackfriday" sale. when i got there i noticed that they had 6 colors on sale!! i was in thrift shop heaven. i got some really nice things that i will share on the blog next week.

talk to you soon.

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