Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet Jay....

skater boy

today i would love for you guys to meet my oldest son jay who is seven year old.
there is so much to say about this kid of mine, but i will keep it short.
jay was born when i was 33 weeks pregnant and he was only 3.5lbs. imagine being a first time mom to a preemie baby at the age of twenty one, i tell you "it was scary".jay is smart, fun loving, never wanting the party to end, fuss making, brother fighting, brother loving, sneak to his parents bed every night kind of kid.
he is his father's twin and is such a daddy's boy. i love being his mom.

p.s jay love to look super cool, so I'm sure i'll do some outfit post of him.


  1. he is so handsome. loving his little bow tie! so fashionable too!
    xo TJ

  2. 3.5 lbs! wow! I can't imagine going through all of that at such a young age, but I'm sure when you look at him now it is so worth it, you did great. Mama this kid could be a model, seriously, from an unbiased POV { :)} he is really handsome, love his look for the camera haha