Friday, December 9, 2011

hi friends,
today chase had a Christmas concert at his little christian pre-school that he attends.
the concert was held in the church of his school and i'm telling you that the place was pack.
my sister in law and mother in law came along with me. we were so excited to see chase sing at school because he is a big singer at home. the concert started and chase was so scared he did not want to sing. i felt so bad for him because he has never been in front of so many people. i feel like i need to find ways to help him not to be so shy (do you guys have any ideas that i could implement?) overall it was a great day.

vest- gap *thrifted

p.s please have patients with me as i try to find "great structure" for this blog i really don't want it to be all over the place and that is the reason why i don't blog everyday....but i plan to very soon.


  1. He is adorably adorable! I love this outfit. I was a shy child too, I'm not sure how I broke it. Good luck finding your solution :)

  2. That hair!!! Love.
    He is unbelievably cute - the outfit is pure sweetness.