Friday, January 27, 2012

happy weekend
Its the Weekend again my friends. This Weekend Steven and i are hooking up two of our friends, so we will be going on a double date with them. I decided that we will go to a Carolines Comedy Club to see Tom Greene! (remember him from MTV?) i hope he's still funny. 

I really hope that our friends like each other and it's not all weird(Eek). Do you guys have any tips on keeping the conversion flowing?, i have never hooked up people before.

Here is what i will be thinking about this weekend. 

I want this iPhone skin 

Ohdeardrea blog has become one of my favorite reads. I love how honest Drea is. 

Wanna kiss George Clooney?

I am currently saving for this dress and this dress oh, and this one too

looking for food ideas for your kids? no other place to look but over on Weelicious

The perfect Valentines day dress as worn by skunkboycreates 

I have been eating a lot of Brussels sprouts lately and have fallen in love with them here is "how to cook the perfect Brussels sprouts"

The kids are gonna love this pizza for breakfast on Saturday morning  


  1. Love Society 6! Just got the aztec case from them recently :)

  2. Girl we are cut from the same cloth! I want all that stuff! Especially the Bike dress and egg pizza :) so happy we found eachother!

    1. Jules is feel like i have known you for years! i hope one day we can meet face to face. and the first thing on the agenda will be going thrifting in cali lol