Wednesday, January 4, 2012

not a resolution.

hi friends
i have decided to go on a diet. i will not call it a new years resolution.
i told you guys in my first blog post that i have pcos , so this will not be a easy journey but its one that need to be started. today i hit the gym for the first time in a long while because after reading on a "friends" blog how she lost the weight i was totally inspired to do the same. i know Amanda from my church, her brother is my pastor. so i know that her weight loss is for real. today when i hit the gym i weighed in at a whopping *174.4 (wow!), i am only 5'1 so with that being said.... i would like to lose 50lbs
the plan - going to the gym for 1hr 3 days per week and blogilates 3 days per week at home.
food- i will be eating 1200 calories per day (i will be make some recipe from blogilates and eating weight watchers and lean cuisine) and tracking it all on myfitnesspal.

the reason i am putting it on my blog is because i want to be accountable. if any of you are on a weight loss journey please let me know so that we could support each other.
this months weight loss goal is to lose 10 pounds by valentines day.


  1. This is such an awesome attitude!! I'm going to start hitting the gym next week and we have started a littl health program in my office to support and help eachother reach our goals. I'm cheering you on over here! You can do it and you are going to feel amazing inside and out! :) xoxo

  2. Get it girl!! We can motivate each other!!

  3. Hi There...I'm a new follower. I'm on a weight loss journey too, and healthy eating with exercise! I look forward to keeping up with your journey too!
    ~Lisa @

  4. Hi there, lovely blog you have here! Good luck on your journey to eating healthy and loosing weight. You can do it! Thanks for the motivation! I too would love to shed a few pounds (10 at the most) I'd love to eat healthier and get more energy. i have 3 kids who i have to keep up with :)