Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our little world...

we have been have some fun times around these parts, but next week is going to be even better because daddy will be home for one whole week!!! (he's a teacher) i love when my husband is home during the week and so does the kids because we get to do more family outings. next week we are planning on taking the kids to the aquarium for the very first time!, i can't we that are going to be so blown away but and the sea creatures. 

my kids are growing up so big and its really killing me on the inside, i really just want to keep them young. when i look and jaylen and chase i really can't believe that in April they are going to be 8 and 4 years old  omg! where did the time go?, this is the reason why it is so important for me to spend as much time with them as possible. 


  1. Just found your blog through Brock Paper Scissors. I love it!! SUCH great pics... that shirt with the tie is amazing!!

  2. oh my goodness just look at that adorable hair! Such beautiful kids.

    I totally relate on the looking forward to days/ weeks off. I teach too, and weeks off when I can just hang out with my hubby are the best!

    new follower :)

  3. Such cute pictures! Lovin' the cute little suspenders with the necktie tshirt! The kid has some swag:D New follower and glad to have found your litte creative space on the web.