Tuesday, May 1, 2012

 Its may 1st, can y'all believe it?!. i know that i have not written on this blog for a while, its really hard being a mom and writing a blog. i really don't know how some of my favorite blogs do it. i take tons of pictures of the kids and I'm happy to share them with the world but coming up with "material" to write about don't always come easy (lol).
a lot has happen since i last wrote a blog post.
Jaylen our oldest turned 8 and Chase our middle child turned 4!! i really can't believe that our boys are growing up so fast, its really difficult to watch, we would love them to stay innocent forever. 
but anyway, i really hope that i could come here at least three times per week to show off my boys and talk about crap. 

here are some recent photos....

chase turned 4!

jaylen turned 8! 

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