Tuesday, January 17, 2012

thrifted lately

1.steve madden shoes 
2.black vintage booties
3.black jcrew jacket (i hunt down jcrew clothes in thrift shops because they are my have).
4.dooney & bourke bag 
5.plaid vintage baby doll dress
6.two tone vintage boots

My thrifting habit is getting a little out of control,i just can't leave anything behind for the next person. 
this picture just shows a fraction of the things that i have purchased lately. i think once you start thrifting and seeing how much you can "save" & what you can get for your money, you just can't stop. well i don't know about you guys, but i need to put myself on a budget "(lol). 
As of late i have been getting vintage girls clothes (i don't even have a daughter!) i just can't leave them behind. one day i will have to take a picture of my "little girls vintage stash" (but you can't tell my husband).
What have you thrifted lately? anything good?

p.s here is a picture of me wearing a few of my thrifted items from above


  1. That outfit is adorable. I usually don't have much luck when it comes to thrifting.

  2. Are you kidding me with those boots! Great finds girl!

  3. Good finds mama! Love those boots!

  4. Hi Roxy! Just wanted to say hello! Your style is great and I am freaking out over those lace up boots! Did you thrift those?!!

    1. hi Beth! thank you so much. no i did not thrift those boots but the are vintage.
      thanks for stopping by

  5. I love all your little outfits! I also love that half of the things you wear are thrifted and love even more that your secret baby clothes stash is growing ;) haha I have the same "problem" and it is kind of a great problem to have. I am also a mad thrifter and I hear ya about the budget! It all adds up if you are hitting the thriftstores twice a week or more!