Friday, January 20, 2012

 happy weekend

 It's Friday and i am so happy!, i love Fridays because i don't have to cook!. Hubby goes out and get the kids pizza and gets him and i chicken salads, perfect ways to spend a Friday night. 
Tomorrow i am happy to be celebrating my father in laws birthday with the family.
My father in law has been loving a vintage fan that i got at an estate sale in the summer, so i will be cleaning it up and surprising him with it. yay!

On my mind this weekend.....

I really would love to make this I LOVE YOU garland  for over my bed.

This headband is a must for V day.

I am slowly trying to go gluten free, these pancakes are in order for sat morning.

If your looking for Minnetonka mocc, i just got these from jcrew at a great price.

I started a pinterest board for my "future daughter"(crazy i know,lol)

This DIY Peter pan collar  is a must do.

We can't be friends just for this reason (lol)

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  1. Love these mocs! Repinned them and am putting them in my pinning post tomorrow. So good!!